The Chronicles of Narnia Soundtrack

Narnia Song, sung by MILANA NARNIYA…
Narnia played by CoOperate Orchestra:…
Track list below in description
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian full soundtrack
The Chronicles of Narnia 2 full soundtrack
Track list:
Prince Caspian Flees 0:00
The Kings and Queens of Old 4:34
Journey to the How 8:08
Arrival at Aslan’s How 12:53
Raid on the Castle 15:50
Miraz Crowned 22:56
Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance 27:44
The Duel 34:01
The Armies Assemble 39:57
Battle at Aslan’s How 42:20
Return of the Lion 47:38
The Door in the Air 51:55
The Call 59:47
A Dance ‘Round the Memory Tree 1:02:56
This Is Home 1:06:39
Lucy 1:10:41

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